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we offer the opportunity to hunt and fish in the most beautiful surroundings, and allows you to interact with the beauty and tranquility of nature while doing so.

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We live and breathe Africa. And we love sharing it with you. You can prepare for your hunt with the peace of mind that it’s backed by years of safari experience.

We cater for all hunting techniques and methods rifle/muzzle-loaders, whether walk and stalk or hide hunting. Our experienced team of professional hunters, outfitters, trackers and skinners will take care of it all!

Permits, Rifles and Ammo

Recommended firearms for hunting in South Africa:
  • 06 caliber or larger,
  • 180 grain bullets or heavier,
  • Bolt action or muzzle loader.
The following firearms are NOT allowed to enter South Africa:
  • Any fully automatic weapon
  • Any semi-automatic weapon
  • Handguns (Pre-approved import permits necessary 60 days prior to arrival.)
  • Weapons that fall under military categories
  • Airlines require a heavy plastic or metal gun case for transportation of firearms.
  • Check with your airline for regulations on the amount of ammunition allowed and the packing requirements.
  • Per South African regulations, a maximum of 80 rounds of ammunition are allowed to enter the country.
  • Ammunition must be transported in your packed luggage.
Paperwork for Rifles: – Very important! – Keep in your hand luggage for easy access.
  • Copy of your US4457 form – Customs form
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Copy of your return ticket
  • Invitation letter from Namahadi Safaris
  • SAPS520 form can be downloaded off the SAPS Website at

SAPS520 form:

Notes on completing the SAPS520 form:
  • Black ink must be used to fill in the form.
  • The form should be left unsigned until the document is finalized in front of the police official issuing the actual permit.
  • Please note that not all sections of the form apply. Visitors bringing their own firearms in for hunting purposes should concentrate on filling in the following:
    • Section D – (temporary import or export permit)
    • Section E – 1 – 25.4
    • Section G – 1 – 9.2 (G – 1 UP TO 9.2)
    • Section I – (Must fill in all details requested)
    • Section J – (remember do not sign until in front of police officer at firearm office)

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